About the LEV


The Love Expressed Version (LEV) Literal New Testament is an all new, straight-from-the-Greek translation, written for those wanting to read and study the Scripture in as close to its original Greek form as possible. One of the unique aspects of the LEV is that it was translated by a non-Greek scholar, so it carries a fresh, layman's perspective while being unsurpassed in accuracy, precision and readability.  Based on the Scrivner's Textus Receptus 1894 Greek text, the LEV is written from the same Greek text as the Kings James Bible was.  

As you study the LEV, you'll notice it reads with an authentic, ancient style, giving the reader a better sense of how the writers of that day would have actually spoken.  And the translation is filled with exciting, historical elements, such as the use of the Lord Jesus' actual Hebrew name, "Yeshua", and the literal term "Anointed" in place of "Christ".  In addition, every page of the text is filled with inter-sentence commentary, verse interpretation, and Greek word alternatives, all to help the reader gain a more precise understanding of what the Bible is saying.

The LEV literal New Testament is an exciting, extremely accurate, straight-from-the-Greek Bible translation.  It's like being on a treasure hunt every time you read from it.

About Randy Gordon, Author LEV

Randy Gordon,

Author, LEV

Some may ask, why write a literal translation of the New Testament?  Since my early teens, I've diligently studied the Word of God.  As I got older, I developed a deep desire to learn the New Testament in as close to its original Greek form as possible. I wanted to know precisely, not approximately, what the original writings said.  And since there really weren't many Bible translations like that available, I decided to write my own.  

What are my credentials?  To start, I'm an ordained minister and lead pastor of Jesus City Church.  I've also been a Christian for over 40 years.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly,  I've been a diligent student of God's Word my whole life.

Interestingly, though I went to Bible school, I never formally studied New Testament Greek (it wasn't part of the curriculum).  And though I have a college degree, it's in Accounting, not theology.  Nevertheless, God uses whom He wills to do His work. And here's the thing, what I lack in formal New Testament Greek training, I make up for with a fiery, God-given, near-fanatical determination for scriptural accuracy. And I used that determination to write an extremely accurate version of the New Testament.

If you crave scriptural accuracy like I do, and if you want to read the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the rest of the New Testament in as close to its original Greek form as possible, then the Love Expressed Version is certainly for you.  We know that God reveals Himself to us through His Word.  I pray that He'll use the LEV as a means to show you His glory and wonder more clearly.

With love to you in Yeshua's (Jesus') name,

Randy Gordon, Author, Love Expressed Version